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21 Nights Renew And Revitalize Detox Program Package

Spend 21 nights immersing yourself in our tranquil surroundings, nurturing body, mind and spirit with daily yoga classes, daily massages, daily herbal steam room, holistic treatments, fasting, deep cleanse, and detox program.
Healing and detoxification are a powerful synergistic combination that help you achieve balance, well-being, vitality, focus and inner peace. The Renew & Revitalize program is design to help you relax and connect to your true potential.
Fasting is the world’s most ancient healing tradition. It triggers a wondrous cleansing process that reaches every cell and tissues in the body and is one of the best cures for the imbalance and diseases that occur due to our modern-day lifestyles and diets. In this unique program you have the flexibility to fast for 7 day up to 17 days.
Post detox, you will receive a much longer integration and reintroduction of healthy foods in comparison to our shorter programs. You will also get organic vegetables from our garden and seasonal fruits and vegetables juices.

The 21-nights Renew & Revitalize Detox Program Package Includes:

• -21 nights accommodations

• -Ground transport (airport pick up and drop off)

• -7-17 days deep cleanse detox program

• -1 hour daily massage x 14

• -4 holistic healing session with Lucky (Tok-sen, Maya colon massage or Herbal heat therapy)

• -Daily yoga (during detox)

• -2 days pre and post cleanse meals from our organic garden (plus take away meal)

• -Daily fresh herbal steam room

• -Pool

• -High speed Wi-Fi

• -Daily cycling

• -Visiting local temples

• -Daily support by Moon and his staff

The Detox

Our Renew & Revitalise program includes all of the following:

• -Pre-fast interview and wellness consultation with Moon

• -A full program of herbal supplements for deep cleanse and nutrition, 5 times daily

• -Herbal Psyllium husk and Bentonite clay "detox shakes" 4 times daily

• -Daily Moon Detox juice (carrot, beetroot, cucumber, ginger and lime)

• -Daily organic coffee colonic (self-administered)

• -Full probiotic (intestinal bacteria) replacement program (20 billions live culture)

• -A relaxing space entirely for fasters to hang out in, complete with hammocks

• -A full library of fasting, nutrition, alternative medicine

• -On-demand fresh herbal tea and fresh filtered deep well water

• -Daily visits to our fresh herbal steam room (grow from our garden and local people)

• -Daily Moon Detox soup, shared in the evenings with other fasters

• -Constant supervision and support

• -40 billions Probiotic colonic flush on your final morning

• -20 billions Probiotic tonic drink 30 minutes after your first fruit.

• -A post-cleanse interview with Moon and take away herbal psyllium husk and herbal supplements

Optional extras available:

• -Laundry service (50THB/kilo)

• -Juice menu

• -Healing sessions with Lucky (Tapping, Maya, Shirodhara and Herbal Heat therapy)

• -Day Spa Menu (massage, body treatments, facials, waxing, manicure/pedicure)

• -We also organize shopping trip to local markets for your need

7 am Wake up + Detox shake
8 am Bike riding (60 mins)
08:30am Detox herbs
10 am Detox shake
11:30pm Detox herbs
1 pm Detox shake
2:30pm Detox herbs
2:45pm Moon Detox Juice
4 pm Detox shake
4:20pm Colonic session (self-administered)
5 pm Steam room (5pm - 6pm)
5:30pm Detox herbs
6 pm Walking around rice field or evening bike riding
7 pm Detox Soup, Moon secret recipe
8 pm Detox herbs
9 pm Probiotic 20 billions live culture

All other time is free time for massage, teas, sun bathing, pool, walking, visiting local friendly people, gardening, naps or reading. Remember to keep any teas, juices or herbs away from your detox shake.

Standard Air-con Room 93,500 THB

Deluxe Air-con Room 97,000 THB

Super Deluxe Air-con Room 99,500 THB

Extra Person Activity Pack 70,000 THB