Flora Chiu 18/11/2018
It has been another awesome detox experience with moon and luck! Thank you for always taking care of us so well! Love your heart, intentions and desire to help people to have ultimate health and well-being. I’ll follow you and luck wherever you go and I did! Feel honoured to be your first fasting customer at your home land! Thank you and I strongly recommend moon detox to anyone who wishes to detoxify their body and mind. If anyone wishes to know more about my experiences, feel free to PM me. I’ll be more than happy to offer my assistance. Thank you moon and luck! I’ll bring my partner to do fasting in 2019! All the best luck. 🙏💓🙏
Victoria Von Gorski 17/08/2018
I have known Moon for more than 17 years. I’ve just finished a two days fast and I feel amazing. The new program nourishes your body while detoxing. Headache very slight and I am a coffee drinker, so that was really something I prepared for. I’m fairly certain I am going to make this a yearly practice!! His new place is in one of my favorite cities in Thailand. This so fantastic. If you are thinking of fasting and wish to have a cultural experience, this is the place to go.
Wendy Sherer 06/06/2018
There's a reason that clients are all awarding five stars, and it's the personal, expert care of Moon and Lucky when you detox with their guidance. I've just done my first ever (proper) detox/cleanse/fast with Moon and was mightily impressed with his sheer love and contagious enthusiasm for wellness and digestive health, as well as his fervent desire that everyone--I mean everyone--have this gift in their lives. Plus, he's just great fun to be around. ;) I did a 5.5 day program and during that time had no adverse symptoms whatsoever, aside from a touch of heat fatigue from being in a climate much warmer than my own. I only felt hunger immediately before the cleanse shakes (and evening soup), which disappeared soon after. From all I've heard of others' experiences of fasting in general, I find this nothing short of amazing. I definitely had a good dose of toxins to shed, and a side benefit was coming away from the cleanse 3.5 kilos lighter. My digestion is excellent now and it's instilled a new passion in me to continue healthy eating/supplements as a way of life. Lucky's massage and skin treatments, as well as her extensive knowledge of the body's systems and Thai wellness practices make these two a power team and a wellspring of resources. The extra advice/supplements they provide make the programme perfectly tailored to your particular concerns. Came away with so much more than I could've imagined, made some new friends in Thailand, and can't wait to visit the new centre in Chiang Rai when it's open for business!